Shared personal training for everyone - affordable, fun, and all about results.

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What Are Tribes?

Your Tribe

A MobTribe is shared personal training that's fun, affordable and all about results. You'll be matched with a top-rated personal trainer to lead workouts at a convenient location picked by your MobTribe of 4-6 friends.

Your MobTribe will meet twice a week in a 6-week program designed for results! We've done plenty of research and studied the science of shared group training.

With MobTribes you'll get personal attention, nutrition tips, daily activity tracking and off-day workouts, without the price tag of personal training.

How it works

Every MobTribe has a Captain, the Mobber who organizes the members and names the MobTribe. The Captain chooses the location, timing, and fitness level of the MobTribe. This information can be changed anytime by the captain as they chat with the members.

Once your MobTribe has at least 4 members, fitmob will match one of our top rated trainers to your group. Your MobTribe trainer will also support you in making goals and reviewing progress. Your trainer and fellow MobTribers will be able to communicate with each other daily using your MobTribe message board on the web or app.


Our shared personal training is 70% less than most 1-on-1 personal training! Sharing makes it affordable at only $29 per session. You commit to a program of 12 sessions.

Our guarantee

We guarantee that you'll love your trainer or we'll find you a new one. Plus, if you're not satisfied with a session, we'll refund it!


From the Customers
The personalization, trainer and team spirit all together make it something different…it has helped bring my workouts to the next level.

Jeff N.
I really like the personal attention and the fact that he's pushing all of us out of our comfort zones. The added tips and personal workouts are great too.

Zach B.
The best part is tracking our progress...he gives us an incentive to beat our last score...having an immediate goal like that is the key to a better workout.