About Us

Access to the best fitness in your city has never been easier thanks to fitmob. fitmob is redefining the way you workout by offering unlimited access to top-rated studios classes, gyms and fitmob-exclusive workouts rooted in fun, results and community.

fitmob Passport

Fitness is too important to be limited to what you can afford. fitmob Passport now has spots in all of your city’s most coveted classes that won’t break the bank. With fitmob Passport, you’re able to go to unlimited studio, gym, and outdoor classes for a low monthly price. Diversifying your fitness routine is a cornerstone to seeing results, and using fitmob Passport, you now have that opportunity. Still want more? Good. We’ve created classes that you can only find on fitmob defined as Mob Exclusive. Mob Exclusive classes are results-driven, fun and unique workouts delivered direct by the best trainers in the city, which you won’t find anywhere else!

Sweat Local

We believe that the community that sweats together, stays together. With our network of local studios, gyms and Mob Exclusive classes, you don’t need to look any further than your own neighborhood to get a one-of-a-kind, high quality workout. And you’ll get the support of other Mobbers as you can see who’s coming to class and cheer each other on!

Team fitmob


Snapfish co-founder and entrepreneur/VC Raj Kapoor as CEO, tech guru and martial arts champion Paul Twohey as CTO of this wonderful concept.

Let's Move

fitmob combines the power of community with the convenience of a mobile platform to create a fun, affordable and rewarding workout experiences in your neighborhood. It’s a new fitness movement with YOU at the center.

Where We’re At

fitmob is based in San Francisco and the plan is to serve up fresh, active fitness communities in cities all over the globe. Get ready because fitness has a new flavor.


Raj Kapoor

CEO & Co-founder

Favorite Classes: P90X, anything Tabata

Biggest Fitness Accomplishment: barely finishing a half Ironman triathlon

Fun Fitness Fact: used to be a scrawny kid, now not so much

Fun Fact: Raj is the lead singer of the Silicon Valley cover band, Coverflow

Favorite Workout Song: "Roar" by Katy Perry

Fitness Goal: do a handstand for 30 seconds

The Business Stuff: Raj has been working in the internet/mobile/interactive space for 21 years. He started in interactive TV at Bell Atlantic, founded the internet club at Harvard Business School, was an early employee at @Home and later ran e-commerce services at Excite@Home. He co-founded Snapfish in 1999 as CEO and then sold to HP for $300M. His next venture took him to Mayfield as a venture capitalist Managing Director investing and serving on the board of Lyft and 13 other companies. Raj saw the power of how Lyft drivers were able to earn a living, create a fun and social experience, and bring a smile to customers.

Paul Twohey

CTO & Co-founder

Favorite Classes: Taekwondo, group cycling

Biggest Fitness Accomplishment: winning the Camel Cup Taekwondo tournament in Taiwan

Fun Fitness Facts: backpacking since age five, hiked the Annapurna Circuit in Nepal, climbed Kilimanjaro and loves the Waves to Wine MS 175-mile charity bike ride

Fun Fact: loves getting off the beaten path. Recent trips include Myanmar, Tanzania and Maui backcountry. Loves cooking; makes a mean seared ahi tuna.

Favorite Workout Song: “Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor, “Remember the Name” by Fort Minor

Fitness Goals: surf a tube, bike across the country

The Business Stuff: Prior to joining fitmob, Paul was co-founder of Ness Computing. Before founding Ness, he was an early software engineer at Palantir Technologies, where he designed and implemented the first version of the Palantir geospatial search engine to support queries over millions of versioned objects. Prior to Palantir, Paul earned his undergraduate degree from UC Berkeley in EECS and was a PhD candidate at Stanford.


Our Big VC...

Mayfield Fund

Mayfield is a global, early-stage venture capital firm with over $3 billion under management. During its 45-year history, the firm has invested in more than 500 companies, of which 112 have gone public and over 150 have merged or been acquired.

Our Gold Plated Bank...

Silicon Valley Bank

SVB is the premier bank in Silicon Valley, banking the world's most innovative companies and exclusive wineries. They bring financial services, knowledge, global network, and world class service to their clients. SVB has $23 billion in assets and more than 1,600 employees.

And other prominent, way cool angels


These people have been superhuman-ly helpful in charting the course for fitmob…

Manish Chandra - Founder & CEO at @Poshmark

Logan Green - CEO & co-founder of Lyft

Andy Johns - Director, Growth and Revenue at Wealthfront. Formerly User Growth at Facebook, Twitter, Quora

David Kirchoff - former CEO Weight Watchers

Doug Levine - Founder of Crunch Fitness

Nancy Lublin - CEO, Dosomething.org

Tom Patterson - Chairman, Tinker

Max Skibinsky - Venture Partner Andreessen Horowitz

Ted Wang - Partner, Fenwick & West

John Zimmer - President & co-founder of Lyft